We develop stunning web calculators and applications based only on your excel spreadsheet models

Just in Time Analysis

real time custom web calculators

With our custom web calculators end-users can perform easily the desirable analysis and see the results in real time by staying on calculator page from the data selection to the representation of the results.

User Interactivity 

interactive custom web calculators

Graphical control elements such as sliders and selectors allow users to interact and evaluate multiple scenarios by altering parameters for immediate result impact. Control elements can recognize interactions from any device.

Rich Visualizations

HTML5 calculators with rich visualizations

Our website calculators not only analyze and show the data but also display that in a direct and powerful way. From animated charts to interactive maps and graphs the visualizations make the web calculators become alive.

Advanced Computation 

javascript custom calculators

An embedded javascript computation engine that supports state-of-the-art excel functions and recalculation operation is the heart our web calculators. Simulations and optimizations can  also be performed.

Web Caching

dynamic web calculators

Our web calculators are based on browser caching mechanism that lets applications run on the client-side without server-side requirments. Applications that are cached load and work effectively even if users are offline.

Easy Integration

easy integrated web-based calculator

Dycalc calculators can be embedded into any website or blog without advanced technical skills, unnecessary expenses, or extra infrastructures cost. Integration is easy and it may only take a couple of minutes.

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