January 3, 2018

Airbnb calculator helps you find the best price to rent out your place

Airbnb is awesome for making some extra cash on the side, but coming up with a reasonable price to rent out your apartment isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. But thanks to this handy calculator, now you can make an informed decision without wasting hours doing extensive market research.

The Eliot & Me Estimator is a handy web-based tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the most suitable short-term renting price for your Airbnb listings.

Once you fill in your address and the specifics of your apartment, the Eliot AI will pull up the average daily and weekly renting prices for the past year.

What is particularly nifty about the tool is how convenient it is to indicate the size and suitability of your apartment. You can select the preferred number of tenants as well as the exact number of rooms and bathrooms your place has.

In addition to this, the calculator also provides weather data so you can figure out what are the most vacation-enticing days throughout the year.

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