12 Dec '19

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Calculator Predicts Heart Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

A new web-based calculator showed promise for predicting individualized outcomes following bariatric surgery. Using regression and machine learning techniques paired with diabetes complications risk scores, this web-based tool predicts the 10-year risks of heart failure, cerebrovascular disease, and all-cause … Read More

11 Oct '19

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This online calculator helps Dubai residents decide to rent or buy

The Rent vs Buy Calculator compares the total cost of renting with the total cost of buying in the emirate. This is the first online tool that analyses which option is more wallet-friendly over the long term.

A July study from property … Read More

11 Apr '19

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Brexit Impact Calculator for Farmers

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) calculator offers to help farmers and growers review their business performance and remain fit for the future.

The Brexit Impact Calculator allows individuals to input their own data and see what effects the different Brexit … Read More

28 Jan '19

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Heart Attack & Stroke Calculator

A team of Ottawa researchers is making it easier for people to calculate their risk of heart disease and change their unhealthy habits with the launch of an easy-to-use online calculator.

The Cardiovascular Disease Population Risk Tool (CVDPoRT) allows users to … Read More

05 May '18

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This online calculator reveals how likely you are to get lung cancer in the next 6 or 16 years

It’s a disease that kills millions of people across the world each year.

But scientists have now developed a new online tool that can calculate your risk of developing lung cancer. The handy calculator, which tests have shown is nearly … Read More

17 Feb '18

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This online calculator shows how many calories you are drinking using fatty foods as a comparison

A new online calculator urging people to cut down on booze reveals how many burgers and doughnuts their weekly intake is worth.

The Drink Less Feel Good campaign shows people how many calories they are drinking, using fatty foods as … Read More

03 Jan '18

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Airbnb calculator helps you find the best price to rent out your place

Airbnb is awesome for making some extra cash on the side, but coming up with a reasonable price to rent out your apartment isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. But thanks to this handy calculator, now you can make … Read More

This Web Calculator Tells You If It’s Cheaper To Use Uber Than Own A Car

Taking Uber or Lyft to and from work and to run errands might seem more expensive than driving yourself–but in many cases, relying on a ride-hailing service is cheaper than buying and using a car of your own. A new calculator compares both … Read More

10 Nov '17

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Online Calculator Helps Parents Decide Between Work Or Staying Home

The average American spends hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month in childcare costs. That forces parents to choose between working or staying home.

But, you could be losing more than your paycheck if you leave your job.

Economist … Read More

22 Oct '17

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This Calculator helps you find the perfect city to live in

The Earth Awaits is a free tool that helps you find the perfect city to live in based on your monthly income and basic living preferences like family size, quality of life, crime and pollution.

To accomplish this, the app … Read More

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