October 22, 2017

This Calculator helps you find the perfect city to live in

The Earth Awaits is a free tool that helps you find the perfect city to live in based on your monthly income and basic living preferences like family size, quality of life, crime and pollution.

To accomplish this, the app lets you select which parts of the world you might want to consider moving to. You can filter your results by city, country, and continent.

Once you’ve filled in this information, The Earth Awaits will pull up a list of cities that match your preferences. To help you narrow down your search, the app also provides detailed information for each city including population, weather and quality of health care. There’s even a segment dedicated to internet speed.

The Earth Awaits estimates living costs based on the average price of housing, food and transportation in each city.

The only downside of the website is that as of now it doesn’t take into account extra costs like insurance and medical care. So if you’re serious about moving to a new destination, you’ll need to research that on your own.

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