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11 Oct '19

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This online calculator helps Dubai residents decide to rent or buy

The Rent vs Buy Calculator compares the total cost of renting with the total cost of buying in the emirate. This is the first online tool that analyses which option is more wallet-friendly over the long term.

A July study from property … Read More

05 May '18

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This online calculator reveals how likely you are to get lung cancer in the next 6 or 16 years

It’s a disease that kills millions of people across the world each year.

But scientists have now developed a new online tool that can calculate your risk of developing lung cancer. The handy calculator, which tests have shown is nearly … Read More

17 Feb '18

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This online calculator shows how many calories you are drinking using fatty foods as a comparison

A new online calculator urging people to cut down on booze reveals how many burgers and doughnuts their weekly intake is worth.

The Drink Less Feel Good campaign shows people how many calories they are drinking, using fatty foods as … Read More

This Web Calculator Tells You If It’s Cheaper To Use Uber Than Own A Car

Taking Uber or Lyft to and from work and to run errands might seem more expensive than driving yourself–but in many cases, relying on a ride-hailing service is cheaper than buying and using a car of your own. A new calculator compares both … Read More

10 Nov '17

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Online Calculator Helps Parents Decide Between Work Or Staying Home

The average American spends hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month in childcare costs. That forces parents to choose between working or staying home.

But, you could be losing more than your paycheck if you leave your job.

Economist … Read More

24 Sep '17

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Lost Sleep Calculator

Fascinating new tool reveals just how tired you really are. The new tool will reveal your sleep loss to show your weekly, monthly, yearly and even lifetime deprivation, as well as what else you could have done in that … Read More

30 Aug '17

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Online calculator predicts IVF baby chances

Couples can find out their chances of having a baby over multiple cycles of IVF treatment, using a new online calculator.University of Aberdeen researchers, who developed the tool, said it would help couples shape their expectations and plan their treatments.

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14 Jun '17

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Calculate Water Footprint: Raising Awareness Through Web Technology

What is your water footprint for the day?  You might be able to give a pretty accurate guess of the amount of direct water you have used today through drinking or showering, but what about the amount of indirect water?  Are … Read More

15 Apr '17

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An online tool helps farmers to increase milk revenues

An online milk price calculator has been developed by AHDB Dairy to help farmers see if they could get a better price for their milk from their current contract.

The tool allows dairy farmers to input the specific details of … Read More

24 Mar '17

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What could you owe under the next US President?

The USA TODAY/Tax Foundation Candidate Tax Calculator lets you see just how each 2016 candidate could affect your tax burden if he or she became president.

Simply enter your income along with that of a spouse and your number of … Read More

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