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Web Calculators

03 Nov '16

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Online Calculator estimates the Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a complicated condition, layered with nuances and differing levels of severity. Some researchers, like Dr. Vincenzo Puppo, suggest it shouldn’t even be labeled as disease or dysfunction, since there is not always a biological reason it’s occurring … Read More

20 Oct '16

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Wind Turbine Online Calculator in Action

This DYCALC web calculator estimates the cash flows for investing in a small wind turbine. The application calculates the annual energy production and economical factors on cash investment, taking into account several user-defined technical, economical, and climatological data.

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14 Sep '16

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Online calculator helps companies compute productivity performance

A new online calculator to help companies compute their productivity performance was launched by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF).

The Holistic Industry Productivity Scorecard (HIPS) Calculator allows companies to enter nine key financial figures such as labour cost, operating profit … Read More

6 Motives to have HTML5 Web Calculators

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, there has been a marked change in how people connect to the Internet. Consumers can now connect to the Internet, anytime, anywhere. As a consequence, many new mobile … Read More

02 Jul '16

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Interactive Climate Change Calculator

Since February, countries have been publishing their plans for cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, ahead of a UN meeting in Paris in December.

If every country keeps pumping GHGs into the environment at its current rate until 2100, the planet’s … Read More

25 Jun '16

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50 Years of Traditional Calculators

The calculator has evolved over the past half century from an expensive clunky device for the select few to its current virtual form as a pre-installed feature in smartphones for the masses. To mark the 50th anniversary of the … Read More

25 May '16

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Online Calculator Predicts the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

Scientists have created a new online calculator to help predict if you’ll develop breast cancer in the near future.

The calculator involves just six questions based on your age, ethnicity and race, family history of breast cancer, whether you’ve had … Read More

06 Apr '16

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3 Best Practices for Effective Web Calculators

There is a lot of information about best techniques and patterns you can follow when design a web application. Following guidelines from experts will likely lead towards creating an effective web application, but what exactly is … Read More

28 Feb '16

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Life Cycle Climate Performance Energy Online Tool

The web-based LCCP calculator allows users to compare different supermarket system architectures with various refrigerants. It calculates annual power, total annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and peak power, and even provides recommendations to users. The configurable tool allows the user to enter … Read More

13 Jan '16

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Van Cost & Carbon Calculator

The Van Cost & Carbon Calculator computes the economic and environmental performance of diesel, electric, gas and stop-start van technologies. It enables fleet decision-makers to assess the feasibility of incorporating new low carbon vans into their … Read More

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