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DYCALC is a young team of technology specialists. The company was born from the idea that companies should be able to have a customized html5 calculators. Calculator

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We provide a unique solution that give you the oportunity to have online html5 calculators for your website or project.



– About Us – 


DYCALC is a young team of technology specialists located in Athens, Greece. The company was born from the idea that companies should be able to have a customized web calculators, built to their own unique needs, in a cost and time effective way. We are excited to offer our specialized services to companies of all sizes and to share our passion for this smart & innovative solution. If time-to-market ,value-for-money, and quality are at the top of your priority list, then DYCALC is the perfect partner for your venture.

– Meet the team – 

Nikos Stefanakis

Nikos Stefanakis


John Vratsos


Maria Skiada
UI Designer


Petros Antoniadis
Data Analyst


Kostas Avgerinos
Accounting Advisor
– Our Values- 


  • We see the world in terms of numbers.
  • We love sifting through data, and solving problems with mathematical analysis.
  • We strive to replace some “rules of thumb” with “science”.
  • We believe in full documentation, and transparency in all calculations.
  • We believe every decision can and should be quantified.

HTML5 Calculators

– Our Advantages – 

Rapid Development

HTML5 Calculators - Rapid Development

We convert all calculations contained in an Excel file into Javascript code in an automated rapid way. Therfore, we minimize the model programming and we short the application development time.

Excel Based Models

Excel based HTML5 Calculators

We utilize the excel model with a framework that supports all the state of the art functions and re-calculation operation. Therefore, we ensure that the provided spreadsheet models are used correctly.

Cross Platform

HTML5 Calculators

We create high performance applications based on HTML5 technology. HTML5 is an efficient multi-platform content enabler that can create elegant tools for all the desktop and mobile operating systems.

Cost Effective

HTML5 Calculators - Cost Effective

Based on an effective Javascript computation enginee and powered by HTML5, we can provide inexpensive website calculators in a fast and reliable manner to boost your satisfaction and revenue.

– Applied Web Technologies – 

We develop our web calculators using the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript technologies. Our solutions leverage an innovative framework to automatically convert excel spreadsheets into web calculators gathering all data and keeping all computational functionality, ensuring the highest levels of flexibility and compatibility. We utilize web caching techniques in order to increase responsiveness time and minimize the required infrastructure. Web Cache stores calculators’ items locally and serves content from local cache for increased speed, reduced bandwidth usage, and offline acessibility.

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