August 30, 2017

Online calculator predicts IVF baby chances

Couples can find out their chances of having a baby over multiple cycles of IVF treatment, using a new online calculator.University of Aberdeen researchers, who developed the tool, said it would help couples shape their expectations and plan their treatments.

The online calculator is based on data from more than 113,000 women who have gone through IVF.

A woman’s age is the most important factor in her chances of having a baby.

After the age of 30, a couple’s chances start to decline and keep on decreasing the longer the woman is unable to conceive.

There are other calculators that predict IVF success, but this is the first to give estimates for up to six IVF cycles and factor in the use of frozen embryos.

Predicting success

Couples can find out their chances both before and after their first IVF treatment – depending on the number of eggs that are collected, the health of the embryos transferred and the number of embryos collected for freezing.

Based on this information, a couples’ chances can then be adjusted for further future cycles.


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