January 21, 2017

Sexual Exposure Calculator

An online calculator reveals the shocking reality of how many people you have actually slept with in your local area. Although the majority of people are aware of how many sexual partners they have had, working out how extensive your network of intimacy is can be complex.

The theory of ‘sexual degrees of separation’ argues that you are linked to all of the sexual partners of ex-lovers. In 2010, the Health Survey for England estimated that the average number of sexual partners for women was 4.7 and for men was 9. Shockingly, going on the formula provided by DrEd, the average man or woman has had over 300,000 indirect sexual partners.

The larger the sexual network, the increased likelihood of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. In order to enjoy a safe sex life, it’s always advised to use methods of contraception that protect from STIs, such as condoms.

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