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HTML5 Website Calculators


General Features

Your website should reflect the level of service and value you provide to your clients/customers. With easy-to-use HTML5 calculators from DYCALC, you can instantly professionalize your website with a service that will give your clients a tool for everyday calculations needs. The web calculators can be up and running in minutes and seamlessly integrates in to the feel of your website.

JavaScript Computation Engine 

An embedded JavaScript computation engine that supports most of Microsoft Excel built-in functions and recalculation operation drives the results from the web calculators. Therefore, only an excel file with the desired calculations is required for the development of your web-based calculation model.

Advanced Mathematical Analysis

Except from simple calculation models the JavaScript computation engine can incorporate advanced mathematical analysis such as simulations, sensitivity analysis, risk analysis, and optimizations. This feature allows much more powerful analysis and the development of website calculators never before imaginable on the web.

Just-in-Time Client-Side Analysis

Benefit from HTML5 features, end-users can perform easily the desirable analysis and see the results by staying on web calculator page from the data selection to the representation of the results. Through the client-side mathematical analysis instead of the traditional server-side, the results are produced by the code on the user device, thus eliminating server calls and potential slow performance.

Enhanced User Interactivity

Graphical control elements such as sliders, dials, selectors etc. on the calculators screen allow users to interact and evaluate multiple scenarios by altering the underlying parameters for immediate result impact. These elements can recognize user interactions from any device. Web calculators recognize mouse and keyboard events from desktops as well as touch events for tablets and mobiles.

Rich Visualization

DYCALC web calculators not only analyze and show the data but display it in a direct and powerful way. From animated charts to interactive maps the visualizations make the web calculators come alive.

Cross Browser Compatibility

DYCALC HTML5 calculators are supported in all latest versions of major browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Opera, without the need of any plugins (flash, Java, Silverlight). In this way, web calculators can work on equally well on desktops and touchscreen tablet and mobile devices.

Offline Accessibility

Thanks to the offline capabilities of HTML5, DYCALC web calculators can work while users are offline. Offline data is stored in the cache and can make data persistent between user sessions and when reloading and restoring pages. This allows for more efficient load times and reduces the load on servers.

Flexible Connectivity

DYCALC calculators can be connected to almost any database ensuring dynamic, up-to-minute information. Custom data management systems may be developed for the dynamic feed of the web calculators.

Easy Integration

DYCALC web calculators can be embedded into any website without advanced technical skills, unnecessary expenses, or extra infrastructures cost. Integration is easy and it may only take a couple of minutes.


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